Mindful Movement with Maria 6

A word about mindfulness

Today we introduce a warrior series. These are structured, grounded and strong postures that are included in some yoga flow. The magic ingredient is awareness. What would it be like to bring your awareness to the mat? This sixth installment guides you to move your body with while noticing what’s happening in the present moment. YOU ARE A WARRIOR...embody its wonder by bringing these poses into your body with awareness. What would it be like to bring the warrior energy with you into your recovery? 

A word about eyes closed.

Throughout the series you will hear me invite you to practice movement with your eyes closed. This is to facilitate an inner awareness. If closing your eyes does not work for you (for whatever reason) don’t do it! You can gaze down at the floor or continue to look at your screen during movement. The choice is yours!

Setting up your space

Setting up a safe space for movement is important. Please take a few moments before watching/listening to Mindful Movement with Maria to set up your space. Each month we will need different props. Today you’ll need:

A yoga mat or towel

Something to sit on (ex: a yoga block, bolster, blanket, pillow)

You may also want to have handy:

  • A blanket

  • A yoga block

  • A yoga strap


This video series is for information purposes only. The information presented is in no way intended as medical advice or to serve as a substitute for medical treatment. The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician and/or treatment team. Because eating disorders are a life threatening illness, It is strongly advised to consult your physician before beginning this or any program that incorporates movement, activity or exercise, especially if you have any medical condition, injury or other medical issue that contradicts physical activity. Please consult with your dietitian/nutritionist as to proper caloric adjustments needed due to this or any other type of movement or activity. In the series you may be directed to notice feelings. This is in no way intended to serve as a substitute for psychological counseling. Please consult with your psychotherapist before participating in this video.

By participating in Mindful Movement with Maria videos you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions.