Integrated Eating is a comprehensive nutrition and yoga practice. Our services range from nutrition consults and follow up, individual and group meal support, and culinary services to individual and group yoga therapy.

How do you know what services are right for you? Email or call us! The intake process is very simple. We will reach out to schedule an initial appointment as well as provide you with an online intake packet to complete before we meet to help expedite the process.

Once our assessment is completed, we take special care to tailor a holistic and personalized treatment plan to support your efforts in recovery from disordered eating, eating disorders and body image issues.

Compassion is the most important part of acceptance. I refer it to the salt in the soup because compassion is a vital ingredient for the grief process. When we gently lean into the now with courage, awareness and acceptance we foster profound presence. This type of being-with-ness (or being witness) allows grief to move toward healing. Staying connected to each moment with our breath and the entire body provides a strong foundation for the healing process.
— Grief and Eating Disorders.