The culmination of these 3 phases is Mastered Eating.

Mastered eating occurs from the simultaneous integration of:

  • A solid foundation of structured eating

  • Honing mindfulness as a tool

  • Enlisting intuitive body processes into eating.

The resultant is an eater who is so confident of when, what and how much to eat they no longer need to refer to their ‘meal’ plan. It is an eater who can stay present of the food experience while being in other experiences as well. And finally, an eater who can let the now-balanced body guide the process and trust that their body will act in accordance to health, wellbeing and wholeness.

The road to recovery is challenging to say the least. No matter why or how you embark on your journey at some point recovery begs the question, ‘who am I without my eating disorder?’ This pondering is at the heart of the sacred tenet that yogis call Svadhyaya or self-study.  The word ‘recover’ means to find what was lost. As you locate lost parts of yourself in the recovery process you may come to realize you already have all you need to heal. Thus the process of integration is also one of self-mastery. Mastered eating is not just about learning how to eat in a recovery oriented way. It is becoming more self aware and engaged in the parts of life that eating disorder symptoms keep you away from.