The culmination of these 3 phases is Mastered Eating.

Mastered eating occurs from the simultaneous integration or amalgamation of having a base of structured eating, honing mindfulness as a tool and enlisting intuitive body processes into eating.  The resultant is an eater who is so confident of when, what and how much to eat they no longer need to refer to their ‘meal’ plan. It is an eater who can stay present of the food experience while being in other experiences as well. And finally, an eater who can let the now-balanced body guide the process and trust that their body will act in accordance to health, wellbeing and wholeness. 

I’ve sometimes joked with my patients saying that they were not in recovery to become a ‘normal’ eater. I would tell them that our work was to have them realize the expert eater in themselves. This is the same as saying Sarena Williams is not just a tennis player, she’s a pro tennis player. This is what we are striving for in the final phase of the Integrated Eating™Approach.