Integrated eating has four developmental stages.

The first stage is Structured Eating:

Integrated Eating begins with Structured Eating. Structured Eating trains (or retrains) the body to effectively communicate its nutrition needs to the brain, so that body and mind join together in the eating process. It is the crucial first phase for recovery.

Structured eating gives organization to food and feeding through nourishing balanced meals, mini-meals and snacks throughout the day.

When an individual practices Structured Eating:

  • The body learns to communicate effectively with the brain regarding its nutritional needs. 

  • The more ingrained the structured routine of feeding becomes.

  • The more practice a body has in sensing and responding to getting the nutrition it needs.

  • The more the body itself can relax in knowing that its needs are being met reliably.

There are three basic components of structured eating:

  • When to eat

  • What to eat 

  • How much to eat.

The word ‘recover’ means to find what was lost. As you locate lost parts of yourself you many come to realize you already have all you need to heal. Thus the process of integration is also one of self-mastery.
— Integrated Eating