Science + Research + Intention = Integrated Eating

Recovery from an eating disorder is possible and the first step is empowerment obtained through compassionate care. Our holistic approach to treatment is based on yogic philosophies integrated within evidence-based therapies. We believe in science, we believe in spirit, and we believe that our thoughts shape our reality.

Integrated Eating offers an eating disorder recovery model that is responsive to the latest research, while acknowledging that each client is more than a diagnosis and may need more than traditional treatments. We provide outpatient services and customize care to your specific needs and goals. In the spirit of healing and engaging a whole recovery, we encourage involvement from family,friends, and partners in your treatment as well. Successful healing from an eating disorder means more than just stopping behaviors: It means being back in your life in a connected way, including the relationships that are most important to you.

Our practice considers intention as a sacred energy that manifests into creation. We are here to live our purpose as clinicians in the field of recovery and guide our patients towards their purpose as recovered individuals. The journey towards healing is long and asks each individual to look deep within to find their lotus in the mud, the lesson in the story.

Mindful movement practices are an integral part of recovery. The body cannot heal unless we lean into it, listen to it, attend it its needs. Movement is a sacred act to celebrate the recovering body.
— Integrated Eating