It is with much excitement I bring you IEs blog series. Each Monday we will offer our readers 4 wonderful topics to support your recovery from EDs, body image and exercise compulsions. 

Moving into the start of the month-IE’s founder and ex director offers readers Mindful Movement with Maria. Each month Maria delivers her words of wisdom regarding yoga, yoga therapy, exercise and movement practices as it relates to ED recovery. Namaslay!

The second Monday of each month Karen Neunzig RD and culinary nutritionist delivers non-diet culinary magic in her series: Karen Cracks The Cooking Code. This blog is not tainted with diet culture shenanigans. No “healified” recipes here - just lots of variety and no judgements.

Next on tap is Managing Nutrition Myths with Michele. Michele Rafeld RD and culinary nutritionist debunks the latest dieting craze with sound nutrition. It’s a jungle out there! With social media and the internet constantly churning out false or misleading information about foods Michele delivers nutrition truths. Preach! 

Rachel Hochstadt RD wraps up the month with her Recovery Research Wrap-up. Each month hear the latest and greatest research on relevant topics such as ED recovery, body image, nutrition and much much more! 

Mindful movement practices are an integral part of recovery. The body cannot heal unless we lean into it, listen to it, attend it its needs. Movement is a sacred act to celebrate the recovering body.
— Integrated Eating