In addition to our NYC and Long Island offices Integrated Eating is now in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Integrated Eating™ is a concept developed from treating individuals with eating disorders for over 15 years. When Body, Mind and Soul are incorporated into recovery and engaged holistically there is an opportunity for healing. Integrated Eating™ is a step by step process that includes 4 Stages: Structured, Mindful, Intuitive and Mastered Eating. 


“Hello and welcome to Integrated Eating Dietetics-Nutrition PLLC. With 20 plus years exclusively working with eating disorders I have built these recovery concepts known as Integrated Eating. It is my belief that when the body, mind and soul are fully present, embodied and in connection with each other there is a fourth element that enters into creation called the ‘integrated master’. This is not a perfect eater but instead a more self aware eater that allows their recovery to penetrate all parts of life. When we live a more authentic life in recovery we are aligned more fully into our purpose. My holistic practice rehabilitates the body with nutrition counseling and meal support, the mind with skills and strategies and the soul with movement and yoga. Our practice treats the entire spectrum of eating disorders including disordered eating, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, ARFID, exercise compulsion and body image issues. We accept both men and women, children, adolescents and adults.”


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